Me & Mr Katsu Carousel Ride

Me & Mr Katsu Carousel Ride - student project

I really enjoyed combining my love of origami, my Me & Mr Katsu illustration comic characters and animation = all in ONE fun project. Mixed media animation allowed me to use elements I already created in a new awesome way!

Paired this origami carousel I made years ago with of some my "Me & Mr Katsu" comic poses. I created a DIY photo booth out of a cardboard box and some colored paper and shot sequence stills. Next, I used the stills to create a video, added my characters "into the scene" and BOOM a fun animation!

Origami, like animation can be tedious and time consuming but the reward is worth it. There is something magical when a single square of paper can become a 3D object with just folds! Check out "Origami Spirit" with Leyla Torres to learn more!

Next project, I plan to use more origami and some hand drawings. Thank you so much Kaho for your instruction! Hope you like what I created!



Designer | Illustrator