Marketing Strategy for School Year 2019-2020

Marketing Strategy for School Year 2019-2020 - student project

For context: This Plan is for a school I work at. It is modeled after Sudbury and Democratic Free Schools. Everyone at the school has a vote, even the kids. All things are decided as a community including but not limited to staffing, classes, budget, and resources used or bought. It isn't always easy to get parents on board with giving their kids so much responsibility and freedom. Therefore, we have a need for strong and effective marketing. Our particular school runs on a shoe string budget and limited staff to work on the strategy. So, we are learning as we go and making due with the knowledge we have. 

Target Audience - Mothers between the ages 25 - 40 who are interested in education outside of social norms.
Platforms to Reach Audience - Facebook
Newsletter, Blog, Podcast, Youtube to come later.
Posting Strategy - Days of the Week theme
Facebook -
Mondays articles
Tuesdays, if aplicable, sharing events or happenings
Wednesdays Engagment Questions
Thursdays Quotes and Memes
Feature Fridays - Any student can sign up. They can share whatever they want on Facebook, Instagram, or both. If aplicable share to Instagram as well as Facebook.
At later date
Newsletter - Share monthly first week of month to parents.
Blog - Share Weekly.
Podcast and Youtube strategy to be determined later with student input.
Check analytics every Monday. Review and revise plan if needed.