"Man In The Box" by Alice In Chains - Robert Lunte

"Man In The Box" by Alice In Chains - Robert Lunte - student project

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Robert Lunte Sings "Man In The Box" by Alice In Chains:

Robert Lunte - "Man In The Box" by Alice In Chains


Here is my project I want to share with you. Apart from the fact that I enjoy the music of Alice In Chains and Layne Staley was such a brilliant vocalist, I set out to work this song into my voice. I enjoy it personally as you can see from the video, but it also is a song that I train quite often with my students who take private lessons with me. So not only did I want to sing it well, but I felt a little obligated to lead by example.

From a technical perspective, this song is great to train. If you like rock/metal and you enjoy this tune, i recommend that you work on it. It is great for students for many reasons but here are a few:

1. The verses are low and they give you a great opportunity to croon and practice "yarling". You can play with a lot of bluesy colors in this songs lower verses. Great for training interpretation, characterization colors, "yarling" ( see the vocal effects lesson in the course ) and other crooning aesthetics.

2. On the chorus there is a huge leap up to Bb4 and well into the head voice. Because it is aggressive, it is good for the student work this chorus. I trains great strength and motor skills. In particular, to get the distortion on these high notes, i utilized the Uncompressed Overlay Distortion that is also taught in the vocal effects module. This type of distortion is produced by slightly "bleeding" the glottis of respiration just enough to create noise in the upper vocal tract, which = distortion. It is the same technique that Layne Staley was using.


Be sure to check out the "The Yarl" and "The Uncompressed Overlay Distortion" and lectures that discuss glottal bleed on high notes in the course. And of course, put on your headphones, turn it up and rock out with me on this.

But that's not all!!... AS YOUR VOICE COACH I AM ASSIGNING YOUR HOMEWORK. Go out to The Modern Vocalist World, TVS Training Journal Forum and share your singing or training results. You can get feedback from me and other members of our singing forum. Let's hear it! 


Coach Robert





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Coach Robert


Robert Lunte