Laiken Brighit Langton

Laiken Brighit Langton - student project

Name: Laiken Brighit Langton

Age: 25

Hometown: Arcadia, Massachusetts (small town outside of Boston)

Hair Color: fiery red dreadlocks

Eye Color: jade green with yellow flecks

Race: Witch

Height/Weight: 5'4" / 140 lbs

Fitness (I'm assuming this is build): athleticly slim

Disability: none

Diet: Laiken eats a pretty healthy diet of food grown from her own garden. She loves steaks and cheese burgers. During the summer she will eat a lot of garden fresh salads as well as fruit from her aunts grove of trees.

Style of dress: She is very much a gypsy and loves to wear flowing skirts with sweaters she crochets. Laiken also likes to be lazy and wear worn out jeans with comfy shirts and tennis shoes.

Things they like about their appearance: Laiken loves her hair because she has worked years on growing it out and dreading it. She keeps beads, jewels and colored objects attached to her dread locks. She also likes her eye color because she says it reminds her of the ocean during a storm.

Things they DON'T like about their appearance: She wished that her lips weren't so full or that she didn't have freckles all over her face.

Parents: Carolynn- Mother and co-owner of the Crystal Goddess Boutique. Her mother is also one of her very best friends. John - Father. He is a wood worker who owns his own lumber store. 

Siblings: Jessica her middle sister. younger brother Andrew and her twin sister Morganne.

Relatives: Laiken has four Aunts: Susie, Wendy and Carmen who are High Priestesses of their coven. Her Aunt Patricia doesn't visit very often and usually distances herself from the family. She also has several uncles.

Type of house/ flat/ other they lived in growing up: Laiken grew up in her parent's two story log cabin until she was twelve when she moved into the Coven Manor to train with her aunts. It is a two story manor that has several rooms, bathrooms, a large kitchen and dining area. The basement is where coven initiates learned to do spells and potions and learn the history of magic. Laiken's favorite area of Coven Manor was, and still is, the ritual circle in the large field on the eastern portion of the property.

Colour of their bedroom walls growing up: Her bedroom walls had been a cool shade of spring green.

Person whose poster they had on their wall: Laiken didn't have posters on her wall as a child. She had too many bookshelves in her room.

Type of house/ flat/ other they live in now: Laiken lives in a country cottage built by her father and uncles. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. When you walk in the front door you are greeted by white furniture and tons of plants. The kitchen is her favorite room in the house. Her father built the breakfast nook furniture and several window shelves where she can keep her potted plants.

Colour of their bedroom walls currently: Her walls are cream colored with a beige floor.

Childhood pets: Raven named 'Goose'

Current pets: Her familiar Nyte is a black cat with a white chest and one white ear.

School: Graduated from Arcadia High school.

College/ University: none

Childhood friends: Roxanne and Eric. Roxanne (nicknamed Roxi) is now her roommate. Eric is one of the wolves and the Langton family protector.

Current Friends: Roxi, Eric, and the other Wolves Johnny (Alpha), Joseph and Bones.

Life changing events: Her twin sister Morganne getting possessed by a demoness when they were 18. It made her wary of dark magic.

What they wanted to be when they grew up: Laiken wanted to be a pilot when she was 8 and a princess when she turned 14. Then by the time she turned 16 Laiken decided she wanted to be a High Priestess like her aunts.

Current job/ career: Manager of the Crystal Goddess Boutique, a metaphysical shop where she sells crystals, herbs, candles, books and more.

Dream job/ career: To own her own shop, which she now does.

Hobbies: crochet, reading books, gardening

Favorite food: cheese burgers and garden salads

Favorite TV show: Laiken doesn't watch television

Favorite music: New age, jazz, and a bit of classic rock

Favorite film: Just ones she remembers from growing up- The Little Mermaid and Little Women

Other interests: Tarot card reading, collecting crystals, taking long walks in the forest and working in her dad's lumber store

Personality strengths: She's friendly and kind to others, she's creative, stubborn, and trustworthy

Personality weaknesses: Stubborness can get her in trouble sometimes, perfectionist, impatient and impulsive

How they deal with problems: Laiken likes to deal with problems head on without a lot of information. That's how her stubborness gets her in trouble. 

Biggest achievement: Opening her metaphysical shop at the age of 18

Biggest mistake: Telling her twin that she was making a mistake and Laiken wouldn't be there to help if something went wrong

Life goals: To become the next high priestess of her coven when her aunts finally pass the reigns as well as start her own family in the future.

Most important life moment so far: Getting to lead the coven during the Samhain (halloween for those who don't know. and it's pronounced Sow-een) ritual.

How they would feel and what they would do if their house burned down: Laiken would be terrified if her cottage burned down. She would probably use her magic to try and put the fire out because she lives too far outside of town for the fire department to get there in time.

How they would feel and what they would do if their mother died: Laiken would be devastated because her mother is her very best friend. She would go into mourning for a very long time.

What they would do if they won the lottery: Probably jump up and down with joy and then take a trip across the ocean to visit Scotland.

How they feel about Christmas: Laiken doesn't really celebrate Christmas. Instead she celebrates Yule. That is the 12 days beginning at the Winter Solstice and goes to January 1st. Each day there are games and actives with the coven and family and any who wish to celebrate it.

Where they would live if they could live anywhere: Anywhere in Scotland. Laiken has often been told their family reigns from Scotland and she's been fascinated by the ancient lands from a young age.