Just having fun

Just having fun - student project

I started with the class project yesterday, on my day off. 

Here are some of the results which I intend to take further in the next days. 

Also thank you for your classes on Skillshare - they are a great inspiration (so are you), and I think not only to me :-) You have a great personality and I love your work and THANK YOU for sharing so generously your ideas! (The book "It's great to create" is also awesome, I read it every day a little bit when I drink my first coffee in the morning). 

Just having fun - image 1 - student project

Just having fun - image 2 - student project

I already have an idea how I might turn this one into a poster.


Just having fun - image 3 - student project

Just having fun - image 4 - student project

I don't know why I see bugs on wheels here, it's kind of funny, though. 

Just having fun - image 5 - student project

Don't know yet what to do with this one, maybe I'll leave it like that.


Just having fun - image 6 - student project

My three-year-old took part in these exercises, it was a very productive Thursday morning in our kitchen :-) I love it when the floor is covered with drawings.

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