Jump animation

Jump animation - student project

This was absolutely AMAZING!

I really anjoyed making this animation, and now, thanks to you. I really feel I can make things for myself. I feel like I know all the basics and are ready to make my own projects and train my skills. Thanks! This was the best class i've seen



I will still watch your future guides, because there are always good tips, and new things to learn.


I zoomed more in, because I like the the camera to be close to the characher, so you really can see it's expressions

What do you think I could do better, and what do you think is good?


One question tho, let's say I want the characther to hold a lightsaber with 2 hands, how would I make the lightsaber stay in one hand, and the other hand stay on the light saber?

Have a great day! :D