Jewellery Brand Strategy

Jewellery Brand Strategy - student project

Your target customer pain points:

1. Choosing the right jewelry for different occasions

2. Understanding the quality and value of jewelry

3. Staying updated on the latest jewelry trends


Your solutions:

1. Personalized jewelry styling consultations for special occasions

2. Education on jewelry materials, craftsmanship, and value assessment

3. Trend-inspired curated collections and regular updates


Direct content pillars:

1. Styling guides for various occasions (e.g., weddings, parties, everyday wear)

2. Demystifying jewelry materials and quality indicators

3. Trendspotting: Highlighting and explaining current jewelry trends


Complementary content pillars:

1. Jewelry care tips and maintenance

2. Behind-the-scenes looks at the jewelry-making process

3. Historical significance and cultural stories behind different jewelry styles

4. Interviews with jewelry designers and artisans