Japanese fireflies forest

Japanese fireflies forest - student project

I just got a palette of metallic watercolors from Prima-marketing so this  was the perfect moment to take this class ;) 

I jumped right in the forest, painting along with the video, as I had already experimented with the materials mentioned in the zentangle practice on other occasions. I just never really made an image with as many, just pages of texture. 

I was not quite satisfied with the version I did, so I made some decisions: 

And then started another background, with more experimental materials still: 

After this layer, I added gold in the alcohol circles like in the example project. Then drew details with the micron pen: bushes, trees, and two lanterns where there was already a gold spot.

Then darkening the front layers and finally some lighter gold in the middle of the golden orbs and some silver speckles on the front bushes for some reflection and magic. I'm quite content with the result!

In addition to the materials from the class, I also used natural sponge to dab the texture on the bushes in the foreground; and a spraybottle with clean water to let the paints in the first most layer run. The spraybottle with the star is mint metallic ink spray form Heidi Swapp, and I used sprinkles of Indigo Color Burst which is concentrated watercolor powder. 

Here's the final result. I'd love to hear what you think! 


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