Imaginary Landscape Painting

Imaginary Landscape Painting - student project

So this is actually a painting inspired by the wallpaper in my bathroom :)

Colors used:


- grey mixture of Transparent Orange and Ultramarine Blue

- Forest Grey (Schmincke)

- Cerulean Blue

- Green earth very diluted

Middle Ground

- Green earth creamy

- Forest Olive (Schmincke)

- Forest Brown (Schmincke)

- Forest Green (Schmincke)


- Green Apatite Genuine (or Sap Green)

- Undersea Green

- Perylene Green (winsor & newton)

- Burnt Umber (winsor & newton)

- Burnt Sienna or Transparent Red Oxide

- Bright Yellow Green (Sennelier)


Enjoy!Imaginary Landscape Painting - image 1 - student project 

Barbara Luel

Architect, Author and Painter