I'm New Here

I'm New Here - student project

Inspiration: I'm New Here by Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX

I chose to create my lettering post over the song "I'm New Here" by Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX. This album is one of my all time favorites due to its stark contrast and meaningful message. If you haven't given it a listen I highly suggest doing so! The blending of two very unique artists from two very different backgrounds, in both life and music, makes for quite a winning combination. 

Mind Mapping: I'm New Here

I'm New Here - image 1 - student project

This quick mind mapping exercise helped me pull out some interesting elements of the song that I think will translate well into my post. Mainly the ideas of contrast and boldness, as well as a general vibrant/energetic feel. 

Visual Moodboard:

Everything from the current album art to drum head logos with a focus on color and potential type style. 

I'm New Here - image 2 - student project


I'm New Here - image 3 - student project

Through sketches I decided that a high contrast modern type with an exaggerated weight really captures the boldness I was looking for. 


Here are some initial attempts at the lettering, still working out some kinks, especially in the serifs and letter contrast. 

I'm New Here - image 4 - student project

This is the beginnings of the coloring, however I am still not happy with the letterforms and need to edit further.

I'm New Here - image 5 - student project

Here is the final piece! 

I'm New Here - image 6 - student project

Thanks for everything guys!