Illustration Improv - Plant care / Illustration

Illustration Improv - Plant care / Illustration - student project

Exercise 1

This was a good way of warming up for the rest of the class.


Exercise 2

These are my ideas in shapes. I couldn’t settle on a theme, so I decided to do two: plant care & illustration. For the first theme I struggled to come up with other ideas that weren’t just drawing pot plants. The second theme was a little bit easier.


Exercise 3

I found the ideas in shapes square exercise easy for the plant theme, but I didn't end up doing one for the illustration theme. I was pretty set on taking illustration ideas from Exercise 2 to the refined sketch stage. I might end up going back and taking the plant theme further though!



There were some obvious standouts for the illustration theme.



Refined Sketches

And here they are in the refined sketch stage.



The finals took a long time to create. My illustration style is laborious because I have multiple layers of textures. I also have a tendency towards perfectionism. I changed or added elements as I went along and fiddled quite a bit with minor details. I’m quite pleased with the end result! I think I need more practice to get some really weird and whimsical illustrations though.


Thanks Tom, for creating another fabulous class!