Ice Monster

Ice Monster - student project

Another fun project. 

Starting image:

Ice Monster - image 1 - student project

Final Image and procedure:

  1. Divided the BEFORE image vertically in half
  2. Copied the left half to replace the right side... and horizontally flipped the copy to create a mirrored image
  3. Added a Gradient Map layer - using a "Red, Blue, White" gradient that (I think) was part of the Color Harmony 2 set
  4. Added a neutral gray Fill layer in Overlay blend mode.. then used a white brush to lighten and a black brush to darken selective areas. 
  5. Added an old paper texture, but it's opacity is just 19% - so it's subtle. 
  6. Added a Curves layer - primarily to darken the darker portions. 

Ice Monster - image 2 - student project