How I want to make new friends

How I want to make new friends - student project

After taking the Social Skills Class I started taking those steps to meet new people from what I learned, Here's how. The first class spoke about knowing what you wanted, How to add value, and having commonalities. Keeping in touch with said, new friends. To be an action taker. I am an under-a-rock person and because of this class, I now go out and meet new people. I've found 5 new friends since taking this class and I couldn't be happier. Yes, it did feel weird at first, But I took action. I also am planning a camping trip with my husband to improve my relationship. I thought it would be hard to be an action-taker, But I've come to realize that I am my only downfall. I learned about that one key friend and I do have one online and now know what kind of friends I want to be around, Using these tips will help me in many ways for a better social life and I plan to take more classes about it as well. I think having a social life is not only good for your mental state but gives you a new look at life. Life is not just about site seeing but meeting new people and experiencing their side of life just as you would want someone to enjoy your side of life. I am an introvert trying to have a social life and I can say it is not easy, Feels weird at first but now I have 5 new friends because I trusted my own judgment and intuition. My next step is going out alone it's one of my fears that I won't enjoy myself because I am alone and I want to step out of that cage I'm holding myself in. Learning that you are your own excitement just by the path you decided to make whether it's making friends or going out alone only you can push yourself to that extent. I think anyone looking for a social life and trying to build that path can do it you just need to believe in your own judgment and intuition and you can go a long way, Stop doubting yourself and look at the positive side >.