Harmony - student project

I used two different brushes one with a bigger stroke using the bottom gradient while using another brush with a smaller stroke using the top gradient to give it some more variety and texture.




After that I transferred the design into photoshop --

Left: I added some circles on the sides just to it give some contrast between the graphic and background and to also fill up the the blank spaces at the sides while still focusing on the graphic in the center and some little noise.

Right: Added typography. I chose the word harmony since I liked the how all of the colours worked together and really represents my style. I also added an opacity mask and made some pieces of the vector overlap with the text.



Left: Added some visual elements. I used hard edged brush to do some polka dots cause why not ; )I also added some random blurb about harmony.

Right: Finally. Using the rectangle tool I filled it up with a gradient from opaque to transparent. Using the warp tool I adjusted the gradients and made a bit more organic and changed the mode to screen.



And its done!