Graphite and watercolor

Graphite and watercolor - student project

Graphite and watercolor - image 1 - student projectGraphite and watercolor - image 2 - student project

Here is my daisy. I love how these projects are turning out - you're a GREAT teacher Jen! I will admit that graphite is not my favorite medium however - I'm a bit too impatient. LOL!!Graphite and watercolor - image 3 - student project

And the floral stem - I can't decide whether I like this one or the daisy better. Thanks for another great class Jen!

I really enjoyed doing the leaf project. I added the calligraphy because I will send it to one of my pen pals. Can’t wait to do the other projects in this class Jen!

I learned so much doing this thistle - what a fun project! And my sunflower is above - for some reason, I can't seem to add comments where I want to, but thanks Jen for such fun projects!

Graphite and watercolor - image 4 - student projectGraphite and watercolor - image 5 - student project