Galaxy Animal Painting With Watercolor and Gouache

Galaxy Animal Painting With Watercolor and Gouache - student project

Galaxy Animal Painting With Watercolor and Gouache - image 1 - student projectIn this coming class, I will be continuing from my previous class which is how to paint magical galaxies with watercolor and gouache, so please check the class prior to the up coming class. 

This new class will be structured as a paint with me class, where I will be painting in real time on how I approach applying the techniques learnt from the previous class into animal paintings, and how to combine both galaxy colours with animal texture such as fur with gold accents. I will be referring to the same steps as the previous class, so if you're new to galaxy painting, it would make more sense to try out the class project in part 1 of galaxy painting with watercolor and gouache to get a good feel of the mediums.

Galaxy Animal Painting With Watercolor and Gouache - image 2 - student project

For the subject of this class, we will be painting a fox. Students are free to paint along for the class project with the exact same colours, but if you're an advance student, you may also choose your colour combination. 

This are galaxy animal paintings that I have done in the past as examples of what's to come :)

Galaxy Animal Painting With Watercolor and Gouache - image 3 - student project


Take the class here! :)



This is where I will be introducing the lesson along with the outline of each lesson with little snippets.

List of supplies

I will go over each supplies and provide substitutes and options when available

Tracing on watercolor paper

A lesson on how I trace on my watercolor paper

Color combination

Swatching and mixing colours that will be used for the final painting

Base colour: colour mapping

Placing down the colours lightly to map out the colour composition

Base colour: Redefining colours

Redefining the colours in a thicker consistency for maximum vibrancy and richness

Painting facial features

Painting the fox’s face in detail including the eyes and texture of the fur

Painting the fur

Painting the fur texture on the fox’s body

Galaxy texture: star splatters

Applying the galaxy texture of white splatters to represent stars

Additional element: orbs

Adding additional design elements (optional)

Painting water and star bursts

Painting the water in detail with some starbursts to accentuate the galaxy texture

Stars and constellation

Final design element with the Finetech gold palette to bring the whole painting together (optional)

Closing and Class Project

Conclusion and a quick run over of the class project


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