Gabriel - student project

Name: Gabriel

Age: 18

Hometown: Illal, Afrya (fantasy continent)

Hair Color: Light Gray

Eye Color: Cyan

Race: Human

Height: 5'11

Weight: 180 

Fitness: Athletic 

Style of Dress: Tactical Clothing, Casual

Things they like about their appearance: Gabriel is fond of his soft facial features and well built appearance 

Things they dislike about their appearance: Not much that he dislikes, for the most part he's contempt 

Parents: Gabriel was adopted by a Chief Leader of the Luminus Organization (Exorcist Military) at Afrya. (Real Parents Unknown) 

Siblings: Only Child

Type of house/flat/other they lived growing up: At the Organization's Castle Headquarters 

Type of house they live in now: Same place 

Childhood pets: Shiba (Majestic Wolf)

Current pets: Same pet

Childhood friend: Quinol (a dragonborn who's father is the chief leader at a different continent of the same organization) 

Current friends: Quinol, Korak, Imani, Xufash (Companions that journeys with Gabriel throughout the world) 

Job/Career: Exorcist 

Hobbies: Training, Drawing

Personality Strengths: Courage, Strong-Willed, Empathy, Loyal, Humorous, Genuine, Integrity, Logical thinker  

Personality Weaknesses: Tends to Overthink, Can be Vengeful and Vindictive, thinks of worse case scenarios that effect his emotions(won't show it however so others won't usually tell at times) 

How they deal with problems: Gabriel isolates himself and thinks on the scenarios or what he's feeling and how to cope with it to reflect on what could be done with it

Life goals: To explore the world to find his position in life, what he is meant to be and become 

How they would feel and what they would do if their house burned down: Distraught but at the same time think over what might've happen and why, who, when, and how. Depending on the situation of course, because if it was Gabriel that caused it, then he would just be distraught.. or satisfied, if it involved innocent people in harm then Gabriel would do what he can to to save them

How they would feel and what they would do if their mother died: Sad, if it was a normal death that occurred such as maybe sickness, accident, age, etc. then sadness would be what Gabriel feels and more than likely isolate himself to think and reflect on the memories with her. If it was another individual that caused it, depending on what happened, Gabriel might either seek vengeance or forgive the person depending on the situation. Gabriel's logic and emotions are both very powerful aspects of himself that are hand in hand with each other. which can make Gabriel very indecisive at times and conflicted. Just depends on the situation

What they would do if they won the lottery: Save majority of the money but use a good portion for spending 

How they feel about Christmas: Indifferent with the Holiday but can respect peoples fondness for it 

Where they would live if they could live anywhere: A combination of a rural and urban area where there can be serenity and tranquility but also where excitement and something new occurs to take on