Fun drawing discoveries

Fun drawing discoveries - student project

Hi Fab!

You make me smile so much - love your humour and how you teach from the heart in a fun and very accessible way.

Here are my first 4 exercises. 

The one I enjoyed the most - a bit to my surprise - was continuous contour drawing. It felt very playful (especially after having drawn the same objects blind before) and I enjoyed watching my pen crawl across the paper, leaving marks.

The blind contours of your face made me laugh so much!!

I didn’t get into the flow with the monsters too much, but love a similar exercise called „Hirameki“ where you make things out of paint blobs. I think I will try the monster exercise again with a different pen and do strange animals instead. 

Thank you - looking forward to the rest of the class!



Update: The first shape exercise was a lot of fun - for a long time I had no clue where this was going and just followed along which felt a bit like walking blindfolded). :-)

With the cityscape I got a bit impatient with all the details (and later realised that less detail on some houses would probably look better too ;-)).