From wanting to throw your PC out the window to cherishing its efficiency

From wanting to throw your PC out the window to cherishing its efficiency - student project

From wanting to throw your PC out the window to cherishing its efficiency: how to speed up a computer?


In this short article, you’ll learn how to optimize your PC’s speed easily. These tips could reignite your love with your computer and allow you to enjoy working, studying and playing again!


Install an antivirus

Using an antivirus software is useful for countless reasons. While it protects your computer from viruses and spyware, it also improves its speed by blocking any undesirable content from accessing it.


Clean it up

Although a physical cleaning of your hardware could be beneficial, the cleaning referred to here is different. Clearing your cache, cookies and browsing history lightens your computer’s load and helps it run smoothly. Same goes for your storage. Do you have thousands of pictures, videos and old files saved? If so, deleting what no longer serves you can help a lot!


Keep it updated

Most of us forget about updates, even if it’s fairly easy! Open your settings and make sure the latest update is installed. If you don’t want to have to remember another thing on top of the dozens listed on your to-do, you can always click the automatic update feature.


Verify the invisible activity

Your computer can secretly run so many apps in the background… To make sure it isn’t drained by these, open your task manager and shut down any software that doesn’t need to stay open at all times.


Personalize it

The factory settings might actually be ruining your relationship with your computer! Making sure that you only enable features that are actually useful to you is one of the best ways to make it run smoothly. This can go from apps set to open at start up to uninstalling software and disabling automatic features.