Found - student project

It had been a while since the image looking back at her from the mirror had been a confident one. Was she ever self-assured? No answer came to mind. Then, in one innocent day with no expectations, while talking to some friends in college, Donna looked up to see a girl entering the classroom as if she owned the place. Her jeans and red T-shirt were cool, but it was her short hair that gave her a sense of power.

Something clicked that moment inside Donna’s mind.

‘Didn’t I always wanted to have short hair?’ she thought to herself.

‘You never did it because you let stereotypes get inside your head.’ A voice inside her head shot back.

The next day, Donna was the one arriving for class as if she held all the authority. She saw heads turning and smiled at her image reflected on the window. So that’s what it felt like to be confident. Donna couldn’t tell when she had lost her assurance, but it didn’t matter. She had found it.


P.S.: English is not my first language, but I loved challenging myself to write in English.