Flat Lay for a Watercolor Class

Flat Lay for a Watercolor Class - student project

Hi Annie, 

Thank you for the wonderful class, it helped me a lot in creating a cover photo for my class, I  gathered the objects around the house and it took me few tries. Forst I felt like I don't have enough prompts at home, I wanted the picture to be botanical, and I was looking for some objects which would relate to those Curiosity drawers in museums, well, I found only a couple crystals in the house, quartz I think.. then I thought the book will do the trick and I think it did) 

Luckily I had some dried flowers and a blooming azalea I could incorporate in flat lay, without fresh flowers it looked a kind of sad. I am happy with final result and it was a lot of fun, at the end it was hard to stop rearranging the objects and taking more photos )) Thank you so much, and I can't wait to see more of your classes!


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