Finding My Instagram Voice

Finding My Instagram Voice - student project

I can proudly say that I have quality images or content. But I find it difficult to keep things looking coherent. Hence the challenge to make things work has always been an issue I want to address - and I'm hopeful this class will help me achieve that.

I've been feeling uninspired lately which is somewhat reflected on my feed. I thought a class on instagram design would be helpful in bringing back my mojo.

This is my current pre-class instagram feed a.k.a. BEFORE:

Let's see how it goes.


Finished the class!

After going through my feed; I realized there are portions of my instagram which is already consistent. I guess there are days when I am consistent - but then eventually veer away.  So I started archiving posts which are irrelevant and I came up with the image above as my gallery.



Not so bad, eh?

The real challenge I have is FOCUSING on the branding and consistency. I picked up a couple of notes from the class is helpful. After going through the worksheet, I was able to identify a lot things and provide definition and purpose that I hope will help the focus part.

Let's see how I progress further.  Join me on instagram, my handle is @shacee. :)


Thanks, Anna Kay!





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