Exploring Color, Contrast, and Pattern Part 1

Exploring Color, Contrast, and Pattern Part 1 - student project

I got so excited last night when I got the email that Dawn had published this class. I dove in despite not having the exact materials, because I know I can always come back and do the class again after I get them. I used what markers I had on hand which included Crayola Supertips and my Poscas. I had a fun time, learned a lot, and made some patterns. I made way more than I am showing here but I picked my favorites to share.

Not only is this class informative and fun, it is really calming and relaxing. Dawn's voice and open manner drew me in calmed me after a tough day. I started to see my colors in a different way and I cannot wait for the second class as that looks to be even more interesting!

✅Left-Brain Artist and Instructor