EllieP (no longer) has a problem with Issuu

EllieP (no longer) has a problem with Issuu - student project


Ignore all the below! We have lift-off.

Thanks, Lindsay for solving the ID5.5 issue (pun intended!) in your comment below.

I see the stripe's join on the first spread in issuu is not well done but the rest seem right. The line was done as one object in ID so it's them not me :) Honest!

Here's the link for children's illustration:


And here is a variant to show editorial work:


Looking forward to hearing your comment. it was an interesting, helpful class. An now watching the magazine-making one, just to get a few more tips and embed ID better in my brain. (Actually, I can't even remember Quark nowadays! If you don't use it you do indeed lose it!)



Here is the menu from CS5.5 and the result in Issuu:

Do you have access to 5.5 to see what's what?!

These are the choices when I open the menu I first showed you: