Dreams are weird

Dreams are weird - student project

I am surprised at what my night time life consists of. 


Dreams are weird - image 1 - student project

On March 14th I had a dream about escaping danger and being lost...and feeling like I would stay lost.


Dreams are weird - image 2 - student project


March 15th, my dream started out on a fun note. I was in the middle of a TV shooting production in this amazing location. But then I saw this creature trying to escape a muddy mass. Bright purple with a wide magenta stripe battling furiously to escape a lump of clay. I went over and helped. Regret set in the moment the creature was free.


Dreams are weird - image 3 - student project


March 16th. I had finished the Netflix series "The Order" a few days ago. This dream reminded me of the series. I was having a lot of hardship trying to enter a secret society.


Dreams are weird - image 4 - student project


In this dream, a number of family members and friends were running a wedding planning business. I was enlisted to help fix a car. I was coasting the car and pointing it into a parking space, when guests of a wedding stepped into the slot I was drifting toward. Why this spot was important for them to block was funny but irritating in a virtually empty lot.


Dreams are weird - image 5 - student project


Queen Elizabeth was the reason I was consoling my sister in last nights dream. My sister had missed an opportunity to have an audience with the Queen because she had failed to return a critical email.


Will I keep this up? I'm on the fence. In trying to remember my dreams, the dreams I have recalled via this exercise were disquieting.