Drawing experiments

Drawing experiments - student project

First experiment

Drawing experiments - image 1 - student project

I like the interaction of water and marker. Putting the watercolour pencil on top made for a cool effect! 


Title page


Drawing experiments - image 2 - student project


Self portraits


These were short experiments... maybe I will try a larger version later, and take some more time.

Drawing experiments - image 3 - student project


Favorite music

This felt like I needed a big canvas, lots of materials and a studio to make lots of mess in to capture all the layers I hear in this song.

This sketch in brush pen will need to do, since I don't have those things to hand!

Drawing experiments - image 4 - student project


 It took me quite a while to find a subject for the chaotic sketchbook page. Sometimes the hardest thing for me is wanting to do it "right" and getting stuck there. But then I found a beautiful feather in the street and that became my subject. 

Perhaps I could have used more colour in my sketches. Also I have trouble letting go of realism. 

Drawing experiments - image 5 - student project


Fifth experiment 

Turns out houses and roofs tickle my drawing fancy, so I decided to also start with a house, that then turned into a little village. 

I went back and added more to the drawing several times, not sure it's quite done yet. Perhaps I could have done more with the shape of the mistake itself, I let the story I came up with carry me away a bit. 

My little village was not all that quiet and sleepy after all, it seems. 

 Drawing experiments - image 6 - student project