Drawing Mindset Questions

Drawing Mindset Questions - student project

1. Why do you want to become an artist?
I have a creative drive that won't go away. I believe God put great potential in me, even though I'm really bad at art right now and I know it. So if I can get better, maybe God will use my creativity and willingness for His good purposes and glory, and it might be able to bless people's lives.

2. What do you want to accomplish through art?
I want to be able to tell stories through appealing visuals, whether it be in comic form, or even a single drawing composed in such a way that "a picture tells a thousand words."

3. What are your weaknesses and what do you want to learn and improve on drawing?

I don't feel well built up in knowledge of structure and proportions, as well as perspective. I've been wanting to be able to design characters for my stories, but am no where near the ability I should be at to do so. I think to focus on one or two subjects, I could try to focus on learning to draw and understand how faces/heads work. I want to also learn to design my character's outfits, but I don't know where to start other than observing and copying references, because cloth and fabric is kind of daunting. This is also difficult because I don't have a super good understand of drawing human figure.

Aaaah I'm not very good with words so I may or may not have communicated my answers as I fully intended. But I did get to think more deeply about my art journey by trying, so I think that's good.