Discovering my art style

Discovering my art style - student project

Hello everyone!

First, I want to apologize for my bad english, it's not my mother tongue...


Here is the result of the first exercice. It took me a little less than 30min (25min actually).

I use a 6B pencil, the one I prefer to do sketches. It's my fist sketch since a left school, 6 month ago :-)


For the second exercice, I use Photoshop. I use to that program for photo, not much for painting. It's fun, I'll do it again!


I use Illustrator this time, so it's more "abstract". I use it everyday for my work but it's the first time I draw without any reference (I usually scan my sketches). It's rally hard! I didn't have the time to finish the book.

I have cheated a little bit for the color (I use a pre-define palette of colors) cause I'm colorblind...


Back to Photoshop! This is what "full" inspired me :)