Department store holiday email

Department store holiday email - student project

Why I didn't read it: I'm inundated with Christmas email at this point, December 17. Also there's a local Shopko and I'd just go in person rather than order online if I want something specifically from Shopko. If I'm going to purchase online I'm more likely to use Amazon because their selection is bigger.

Subject line: Extra Free Shipping Day -- Hurry!

The use of the word "Hurry" and the exclamation point triggered a resistance in me. Also the first four words parse kind of funny. It could read as Extra-Free or Shipping-Day. Maybe "One Bonus Day to Ship Free" or something. "Free Shipping Extended".

Typographically I don't care for the double hyphen either, I'd prefer a real em dash.

Lead-in line: Get it in time for Christmas---shipped free! Details below.

It's okay. I think it's effective in enticing someone who hasn't yet done their Christmas shopping.

I don't know what to make of the triple hyphen.

I wonder if free shipping is really all that much of a draw these days now with Amazon offering it as a matter of course. It might be worth A/B testing whether free shipping, a percentage off, or an exclusive item is more appealing.

Header: I like that I can get to six specific departments and three special areas via the header.

Coupon Code: it's cute!

Photos: Here's where I feel whatever demographic they've put me in has failed. I don't have kids, I'm not shopping for kids, I'm not interested in pictures of kids. I do tend to stop and look at tech and I can't tell what their speaker is. It looks like a kitchen item to me, some kind of fancy storage container.

The red box at the bottom: it's really eye-catching, I want to click it. I need to use that idea.