Dara - student project

Enthusiast about his discoveries and have desires to share it with anyone who'll listen.
This infectious enthusiasm is a chance to make more social connection.
Overthinking things.
Loath obeying to rules.

Name: Dara

Physical Description:


Hair- Long and slightly curled light brown hair

Eyes- Green like the first green leaves of a hazelnut tree

Height- 140cm

Slightly below average frame

General Background- Only child, she lives with her parents in a village seated at the foot of the Argrimor Mountain. She helps them in the field and sometimes helps her mother with gathering wild medicinal herbs. In her free time, she venture out of the village dragging her two friends who always follow her happily.

Personal goals and motives- She dreams about becoming an adventurer as those she hears about in the legends that her parents tell her from time to time. She doesn't know where to start, but she already have great fun exploring her village area which she now knows in and out.

Talents- Naturally charismatic, good sens of direction, wild medicinal herbs knowledge

Character Strengths: Enthusiastic, Energetic, Sensitive, Agile

Weaknesses: Reckless, Tactless, Physical strength, Unfocused


  1. Craft a scene

  • Your character realize that they strongly disagree with someone they respect.

This is just me trying out to write a scene which is told from the point of view of an omniscient narrator. Dara listen her father Elogar telling her a story from the numerous legends of the continent of Or. When the story is at it's end, Dara announce that she'll become one of those heroes of legends known of the entire continent. Her father tells her that becoming a hero is not for anyone. And here start the scene.

I'm not anyone, dad. I'm the only one daring to jump across the river. Aron and Naerae don't even dare to go near it fearing to get their mother angry !”

Dara, you know, courage, if not used wisely, can lead to a premature death, or worse. Remember Paeomir who, after defeating most of his fear, sinks into madness and end up massacring an entire kingdom because he underestimated the weight of his own conscience. And, after all, the time of the heroes has ended. These legends are centuries old. Of them we only still got their stories and their alleged descendants : Despicable and irresponsible kings who govern imbecile lords, themselves served by unscrupulous knights. These last one loot the kingdoms and their inhabitants in the name of the laws and taxes supposed to protect the people but which on the contrary, make them slaves of the land. What do you think you can do about it ? I was like you when I was younger. Then, I rapidly realized the best way to help my family was to work with them in the field to lighten their workload. It's not with our forks and hoes than we'll be able to defeat knights and even less a king's army.”

You say this because you don't really want to be a hero. You're afraid ! Like Nimarsio when he meet the orem for the first time. You run away and that's it ? I'm not afraid. Kings don't scare me. Neither their army. I will be stronger and smarter than your unscrupulous knights ! I will be the next legend.” said Dara while walking away from her father.

Stunned by the eloquence of his eleven years old daughter, Elogar could only keep quiet. He let her go.