DOG DAYS - student project

Hi everyone and Tim! I'm really trying to work on finding my own creative style and would love to start getting clients same as you Tim, who want to work with me for what I do / my style. I've definitely been in the same boat for years (more in print design for fashion) always creating artwork for a brief or in a specific style - not necessarily my own. The time has come that I want to hone in on what my style is and this project has been a fun little exercise among all the other jobs I've done. I'm learning that no matter what I'll probably always have jobs that require me to create something not in my style but you always learn something and this helps shape your style too. It's always about evolving your style as a designer, an artist, whatever it may be.. 


My doodle page - I'm obsessed with drawing dogs (I want to draw them all!) I wanted to take this for my warm up doodle page. And actually I redrew it for my cover image :P


I also wanted to use something other than the word HOT.. so I chose DOG (and just did a few really quick..)

Here is my page of C's 

I really love the arm C and I think this could make a really cool poster, I played with it for my name. Also love the skateboard dogs .. I feel I should have probably stuck with this one to stay with the dog theme but I actually chose another one....

(oh and I always use my light pad !! I like to draw on thick paper, so I gave tracing paper away years ago ;)




Then I moved onto my alphabet - I could spend waaay more time perfecting this.. I did draw it in pencil, trace over on a new sheet of paper using my light pad and then scanned it into the computer and used layers in photoshop to create the shadow. I just made it quickly. All the letters could be spaced out and moved around / fitted in a little better. But I think it's a nice start, you can see :) 

I've vectorized this alphabet too, you can possibly see how the lines are smoother than in my name above :)

designer by day~artist by night~surfer in between