Customer Service Onboarding

Customer Service Onboarding - student project

Customer Success Team Onboarding Guide: 


Pre- Onboarding 

  1. Welcome email: 
  1. Details for the first day (time and date) 
  1. Location to come to 
  1. Required documentation. 
  1. Dress code 
  1. Prepare the Work area: (if not remote) 
  1. Make sure that the phone is set up. 
  1. Clean workstation 
  1. Set up computer and peripherals. 
  1. If remote: Send out all equipment to home address. 
  1. Materials for Training 
  1. Gather all training materials and documents that the new hire will need. 
  1. Notify IT 
  1. Access to accounts 
  1. Create login credentials. 
  1. Notify Office Manager 
  1. Create a badge and name tag. 
  1. 1st Call 
  1. Schedule a call to answer all questions and concerns. 


First Day 

  1. Welcome meeting: HR Welcomes the employee and walks through benefits with the employee. 
  1. Office Tour- HR takes the employee around the site and introduces the team to the new hire. 
  1. Equipment – HR makes sure the employee can get equipment to power up and understands the process for signing on. 
  1. Introduce Buddy and Trainer 

Pass employee over to trainer:  

  1. Training Starts:

Phone System Training 

Customer Service Overview 

Script Training 

Computer Systems training 

Security Protocols for Computer and Customer Information 

Call Mentoring 

Break and Lunch Schedule 


Ongoing Onboarding / Training 

  1. Training for specific customer service role. 
  1. Training phone etiquette and soft skills 
  1. Train on customer feedback 
  1. Check with Buddy to see if there are any issues. 

Follow Up: 

Checking in weekly to assess progress and address any concerns or further training needs.