Creative Scheduling Project

Creative Scheduling Project - student project

For years I have been trying to improve my time management skills and my productivity to be able to create more art and personal projects.

This class helped me tremendously to become more confident in my capacities and get my BIG vision. It supports me to get more clarity and passion rather than being confused, guilty and become depressed. 

I have just finished reading the War of Art, by Steven Pressfield and taking this class was absolutely a blast to utilize all the concepts and ideas of this book. 

I loved it so much that I watched the classes twice in a row! 


Also I realized with my big why's and vision that I need to start sharing and stop hiding. Especially when it comes to my artworks. but let's start today with a planning =). Small step matter.

So sharing a project or my messy handwriting is kinda new and scary for me. But following Liz's advices something is telling me this is how it feels when you are expanding yourself. 

Thank you for the students who shared their projects. It helped me to share my project as well.

Thank you Liz, for being and doing what you do. 



M Y  P R O J E C T   F O R   T H E  C L A S S




My Creative dream : 



"I want to make a living as a creative person" 


"I want to leave this world in a better place for the new generations by encouraging everyone's growth and potential. Embracing connection, community and loving and caring presence. Where nobody would feel disconnected or alone ."


Creative Scheduling Project - image 1 - student projectCreative Scheduling Project - image 2 - student projectCreative Scheduling Project - image 3 - student project





Practical goal : Defining what or how much is 'make a living'

It would be about 1500 $ CAD/month  (I m in canada )


Creative Scheduling Project - image 4 - student project


The idea I chose : 

I went with a project I 've already started and resisted for a long time.

Creating a blog on drawing, productivity for creative and self improvement. My niche is portrait.



Creative Scheduling Project - image 5 - student project



So my BIG 3 's for this year

1. Establishing my blog ecosytem ( blog, YT, social media) as a positive, authentic and inspiring online platform.

2. Creating my own artwork collections. 12 Artworks. One each month.

3. Create and Sell my first product .  I am not talking about how much money I want/can make. My objective is create the best product I can and release it


( one of my main personal deadline  for the blog was actually set up for June 2021)


Creative Scheduling Project - image 6 - student project



My yearly calendar.

So it starts in November until July. My deadline for my blog is actually end of June. So all my efforts will be planned for June. I became aware after this particular month I still need to look and plan for the rest of the year. 

But looking and having a  clear 6+ months vision ahead is very new for me. 


Creative Scheduling Project - image 7 - student project



Example of my weekly planning.

On this part I realized how much time I have available. I used to plan my week on a big calendar without going in details or in precise hours but seeing the differents blocks visually makes things more grounded toreality than in my head. 

Even with a full time job, I can actually spend 10-20 hours on my side hustle.

Creative Scheduling Project - image 8 - student project





I loved how this class was structured and how Liz leads things and make things simple to understand. Before I was afraid of the incoming days, now I feel I can confidently tackle what matters to me. 


Thank you =).