Cover Letter and Profile Intro

Cover Letter and Profile Intro - student project

Cover Letter:

Hello! I am interested in editing and proofreading your book. As an avid reader, I love getting lost in the story and not being pulled out because of typos or other printed distractions. I will work hard to make sure that your readers have the full, immersive experience. 

I will do two readings of your book to make sure that it is as polished as possible. 

Thank you!




No matter what your project or document is, I would love to help you make it shine. I will work hard and pay attention to details as I proofread your document with two readings. 

As a high school journalist, AP student, and, finally, college graduate, I have written, proofread, and rewritten many papers. Throughout my middle school years, I proofread my older bother's homework. 

I love to read and will strive to make your project great for your target audience.