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Cover Letter

Hello, I am interested in editing and proofreading your document. Allow me to give an overview of my skills.

I am an English language and literature graduate. I got to learning English very early on in my life. To this day, I love this language and I use it way more than my actual mother tongue in my everyday life. I read books only in English, I speak and write it with most of my friends online and in communities. When I speak in my native language, I sometimes can only think of the specific word I want to use in English and cannot remember its translation in Greek! At this point, I even think in English.

I am a professional proofreader and editor. Once I realized my knack for spotting errors, combined with my mastery of the language and my love for anything writing related, I put two and two together. I decided to get professional training and become a proofreader, even though I have been unofficially editing documents from my teenage years. My abilities and eye for detail have come in handy many times in my life, from office jobs with gravity to written communication skills to helping edit my friends’ short stories or academic work.

Coming to the task at hand, I will provide both proofreading and copy editing services for your project. That means I will be keeping an eye out for the consistency of your writing style as well as spotting and correcting those pesky grammatical, syntactical, punctuation and formatting errors that can be easy to miss. I keep these two processes separate and do several readings for each in order to ensure that both editing aspects are thoroughly performed.

Overall, I am very much a perfectionist, and I will give my all to provide quality services by your standards. If you have any questions about me or my work, please do not hesitate to check out my profile for more background on my qualifications or even message me privately. I am happy to answer all of them.

Thank you for considering me and good luck with your project!



Welcome to my page! I am Elena and I am a professional proofreader and editor. I am happy to be providing my services to help people reach their full potential through their writing.

Allow me to explain how I ended up in this profession. I started learning English from a very young age. Even though at first it was only a second language to me, it gradually came to mean much more in my life. The big turning point was at my teenage years when I was preparing to sit the Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English by the University of Michigan. Through the intensive prep I went through, I developed a love for the higher critical thinking skills and advanced English that I was training for. Ever since that point, my love for English has been growing stronger every day. It started out small by reading literature in English and joining online communities where I made a lot of foreign friends. That prepared me for the next big milestone of my life: university.

When the time came for me to decide on what I wanted my future career to be, all I could think about was English. And so, I got accepted into the English language and literature department, where I spent five years learning English in depth. Throughout those five years, I was able to broaden my horizons and gain knowledge on a variety of aspects regarding this language—from linguistics and English and American literature to cultural studies and translation. When I finally graduated from university, in 2019, I had come out a different, grown individual.

I knew that my dream job involved using English at its core, and for me, there was no better way to achieve that than through writing. So, I researched for the careers that would allow that. In a country where English is not the dominant language, the odds were not in my favor. However, I pushed through and I came across online editing and proofreading. From then on, I have been using everything at my disposal in order to grow more and more every day and hone the skills of my craft.

I am really grateful that Upwork has allowed me to reach a much wider audience and offer my skills to the world. If you have any questions about me or my work, please do not hesitate to contact me! Also, feel free to check out my official qualifications and credentials down below.

Thank you for visiting and reading!