Colour fun

Colour fun - student project

I've been away from class for a bit, and this has been a fun and fact filled re introduction back into SkillShare classes- thanks Jen!!

My printer ran out of ink, so apologies for the version of the downloads being my own 'quick sketches' based on the (great!!) downlaodables provided.

I started with the app Adobe CC, investigating various swatches - totally addictive!   I decided to use the bottles picture, to try a Rembrandt swatch and a Monet swatch using the app.  I felt these would be quite a mood contrast - and I think they are, although not as much as I expected - possibly due to them both being in quite thin watercolour ?

I used a mix of White Knight, and Jacksons' own water colour pans, before moving to gouache.

I found it difficult to find the mix for the lighter colours that I found in the swatches, using my choice of pan sets - very useful to have established this 'hole'  in my colour choice, which I can now put right with a little art browsing/ shopping therapy :)


I used water colour for the Autumn  Barn picture, but then dicided to use gouache to give me a greater range of colour choice - even with my wider range of colours in gouache, I still found my palette was weighted towards the darker end of the spectrum 


Things I learnt:

The importance of making swatches rather than relying on my memory of colours, even for something as well know as the seasons!

My own palettes lack the lighter end of the spectrum - I need to address this

It was interesting matching 'on screen' colours with the actual paints - less luminous and more attention to tone needed than I thought would be necessary

I am definitely more aware now of the impact of colour on the mood of a piece as a result of these exercises, and will enjoy exploring this more!!!! 

Huge thanks Jen for a great class!