Coffee and Cat- the first cat café in India

Coffee and Cat- the first cat café in India - student project


Anjan feels horrible. There is another dead cat on the road. This is a very common issue in India, homeless animals roaming the streets, dying in accidents every single day. As he stares at the body of the cat, he cannot help but remember his own cat Mars, a big orange fellow who accompanied him through most of his childhood. He lost Mars two years ago in a similar fashion, right outside his house.

He immediately shakes his head, averts his eyes from the poor creature and walks away like many other ‘respectable’ citizens of this country. The cleaners from local municipality will soon clean the area, dispose of the body. With a sigh of frustration, Anjan thinks to himself that when he gets to college, he needs to find himself some coffee.

Anjan loves coffee. It is the only thing he loves to spend money on even though his spendings are always cut and trimmed due to his tight monthly budget. Since good cafés in the town are too expensive for his daily consumption, he has no choice but to rely on his college canteen to provide him low priced coffee that tastes like warm water.

Anjan is 23 years old, currently living away from home in Kolkata to do his masters from Jadavpur University. He understands that India is a country with huge population, especially the cities like Kolkata or Delhi have dense residential areas, always full of crowd and mad traffic. Dead animals, especially small animals like mice or cats are not a matter of concern to most of the ordinary folks and daily commuters. The world is just too busy to care about them.

But Anjan is different. He has always had a profound love for animals, especially cats. It is his dream to work in an animal welfare organization in India. But due to him being a student and away from home, his monthly allowances do not permit him to donate any amount for the cause. In fact, at the end of each month his pockets are so light that he cannot even adopt a single cat and provide it food and water. He is frustrated with himself reading news of people’s death on papers while there is hardly anyone to protect the poor animals who roam the streets hungry and injured, in need of help.

Then one day he learns of a cat café named Coffee and Cat, quite close to his campus.


Prospect Starting Point: In search of a way to help protect homeless cats without putting too much strain on his budget.


Solution: Coffee and Cat is a café near the Jadavpur University, popular among the students for its variety of tasteful menu options, for good coffee and of course the cats.

It is India’s first Cat Café where the customers are allowed to enjoy coffee and also play with well-behaved rescue cats and kittens. The café is divided in two sections, section 1 is for customers solely interested in having a nice time with coffee and no cats nearby. Section 2 is the for-cat lovers who would love to enjoy spending time with cats.

The menu is the same for both section 1 and section 2. In drinks we have plain coffee and tea, different types of latte, herbal tea and juices. Our menu for snacks ranges from sandwiches to noodles, available for both veg and non-veg customers. Prices for each item is same for both sections, 10% off for students and customers above age 60. There is additional fee of 50 rupees to be allowed the section 2 where customers will also be allowed to purchase snacks for cats. For students and elderly, the entry fee is reduced to 30 rupees.

It is the goal of our organization to rescue the lives of the stray cats in our locality and provide a reason for people to donate a very little sum of their income for these creatures. It is also our aim to raise more awareness among people and children and save as many lives as possible when we spread our paws in other states of India as well.