Coffee & Design

Coffee & Design - student project

I'm creating some cool signage for a weekly local meetup we have here, called Coffee & Design.

Here's where I started - just some initial sketching and feeling around for what I liked, and didn't like. Will upload more progress as it happens.

Coffee & Design - image 1 - student project

05-14-13 Project update: Mood board

Constructed a mood board to help me along. Czech it out below!

Coffee & Design - image 2 - student project

05-22-13 Project update: Process work + 4 Directions

Got around to sketching a bit more - I'm beginning to settle towards these 4 directions, though after looking at a lot of the inspiring work in the class, I'm beginning to re-evaluate going back to the drawing board. Very open to peer feedback here guiz. 

Coffee & Design - image 3 - student project

Coffee & Design - image 4 - student project


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