Cat Lady Pattern

Cat Lady Pattern - student project

As always, I started this project by overthinking everything and I couldn't decide on which objects to draw. I grabbed a few things and got started, but I changed my mind in the middle of it and decided to draw my cat instead. She is rude and spoiled, but she's pretty and one of my favorite things in my house. And now she is immortalized in a pattern.

First, I followed my cat around long enough to get as many fun poses from her as I thought I would need. She was annoyed with me by the end of the day. I added a few of my house plants in there for some more visual interest.

Second, I cut and reassembled the paper and finished the drawing with two more poses. (Before cutting and taping, I quickly did a mock up in photoshop to see which pattern style would work better for this illustration.)

Third, I scanned the paper and cleaned it up in Photoshop. I colored and assembled the tiles in Photoshop as well because I didn't have easy access to a Xerox machine.

:: The finished product! ::

This was SO fun. I love how it turned out even if I'm not sure if I will print it on anything. Maybe a throw pillow. Or a cat bed. :)

I'm looking forward to trying out a half drop pattern with a full page illustration of something totally different next. I will be more diligent about printing out the next pattern because I want the full effect.

:: Update :: 

I used the website Spoonflower to get my pattern printed on a yard of fabric and it turned out great! My cat is still not sure about it.

Thanks for the class, Julia. I love your work! 

Any feedback is appreciated.

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