Brush Lettering Zine

Brush Lettering Zine - student project

Here's zine nr3 in the brush pen workshop series! Once I accidentally grabbed a folded piece of paper for Marie-Noelle Wurms workshop, I just had to make a Zine with it. And since the class was the first in the skillshare workshop, the other class projects also had to become zines. 

This was another great brush pen class. I have to practice the ombre effect more practice, or maybe try more color combo's to find out what works better. And I find the 'final project' spread a bit too empty, but I wanted to focus on the lettering only so I kept the decorations limited. Biggest take away for me was 'stamping' with a colored and spritzed plastic sheet to create messy backgrounds. I'll be using that a lot in my #100daysofbrushpenbirds! Thanks for the great class Peggy :) 



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