Brand New Look!

Brand New Look! - student project

First thoughts:

Oh dear. Well, at least I know what not to do, I'm doing it so well! As you can see from my screenshot below, my main Instagram (left) is a mish-mash of images, and my other (right) is an inconsistent array of dull images:

My MAIN Instagram account began as a personal account for sharing with friends, with little thought to the gallery as a whole. Recently, I decided I wanted to start using this account to really promote my art explorations, but other than changing the name from samantha_lane to @samanthalaneart (I know, original) and posting shots of disconnected recent projects, I haven't shared much of my art yet.

My second account began a little while back when I decided to share my journaling adventures through Instagram: @journaledobsessions (not really happy with that account name either?!) At the time I made the separate account because I believed journaling was a very narrow aspect of my creative practice and it didn't fit with my main account. Now I'm beginning to see an overlap in some of the images in both accounts, so I'm wondering if I should combine and streamline the two accounts? Taking in to consideration Anna's advice of course. 

Thanks to this class, I better understand why I've been struggling. I've already done a massive chop in my main gallery, removing images that definitely weren't helping the color scheme, or just didn't fit with my values etc. I could probably be a bit more ruthless but then there might not be much left to see - maybe later when I have some new content. 

So, I have some work to do. I find it hard to think about the gallery as a whole, and to resist the temptation to post today because I have an image now. I'll be back though, in time, with an updated screenshot of my improved feed! (Here's hoping). 


Coincidentally, or fortuitously, around the same time I watched this class I had decided to take on the 100 Days Project. This was a great way to churn out some new images for my Instagram gallery! I like what is happening so far. I had wanted a more textured background than the brown paper, like a desk, though it is authentic because it's what I work on! I like that there is a black & white, brown theme going on, with little touches of color in the plants that I'm drawing. But! I'd love feedback if anyone has any!

Thanks again and I really enjoyed this class!