Botanical Coloring Book

Botanical Coloring Book - student project

I've a coloring book at home but I never manage to finish filling every page. It turns out designing your own is actually a much more fun process! This is my probably my fifth class by Liz and I enjoyed making the two pages on a Sunday afternoon. 


1. The girl in the garden

Botanical Coloring Book - image 1 - student project


2. Butterfly and roses 

Botanical Coloring Book - image 2 - student project


3. Final Presentation 

I'd love to print the coloring pages out instead of digitally filling them. So I put them on a notebook mockup and see how they look. 

Botanical Coloring Book - image 3 - student project

What I liked most about this is I was on a constant hunt for flowers to take pictures as references. I did that at shopping malls, the florists and plants in front of somebody's home. It really helped me learn and observe the beautiful things dotting the neighbourhood. 

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