Boschbrücke - student project

I was very excited to see the teacher added the section at the end about Autumn photos! All of the landscape photos I wanted to work on were more in this color palette, not the pretty blues & magentas of his amazing photos. I was definitely inspired to try to take some night shots and get better photos like he had, but I went ahead and worked off what I had!


I took this photo on a recent trip to Munich, in the autumn, and it was beautiful there! My photos all looked very drab however. 


I started by following the teacher's instructions and adjusted all the regular settings, cropped it a bit, and got to this point. I also tried to do some of the pinker tones in the sky like the teacher did, but it didn't really fit well with my photo, and I ultimately removed it.


I got some advice from a teammate who suggested to remove some of the saturation in the water, and I loved that. I also moved on to the brightening section of the video. Finally, I adjusted the geometry and played with some of my brushing work a little more, and I'm pretty happy with my final version!