Bodice & Skirt

Bodice & Skirt - student project

I loved this class!  Thank you Nino!  It was simple to follow and I am hopeful this bodice may fit.  It is my third attempt for MY sloper as none of my previous attempts were kind to my bust (wrong apex and darts, look like Mary Tyler Moore).  I feel that your method of measurements will work in the long run.  I LOVE that you included reference points so I can go back and re-measure to try to perfect my fit.  This is my new obsession - am now a retired Interior Designer and know how to draft ... although drafting for fashion is totally new.  I can't wait to start designing and making clothes, but feel this phase must be perfected first.

So, here goes ... I'll make it in muslin now.  The tiny paper model I made looks like it might work.

I started this class while taking your collar & sleeve class. Figured I needed to have a bodice that I like first.  I'll go back and finish that class and take all the rest of your classes!  TOTALLY ENJOYABLE.  Ta Da!!  Love your positivity - so much FUN!