Blair - student project

Goal Client:

My customers are men that live in a major city and whose interests include both fashion and sports. We will take inspiration from sport and include them as variances to classic apparel items. These are confident individuals who have a classic look and taste. They are not afraid to wear garments that may be considered "out-there" to most. This person knows how to mix classic sportswear pieces with high-end fashion items (the staple of my brand). These men are in their 20's and know how to dress "cool." These individuals like slim fit clothing but not slim enough that it will sacrifice their comfort.


My clothing is for young working men always on the go that want to be comfortable and maintain their tasteful style while working. These are men are obsessive about their appeareance and are always looking for the perfect classic pieces they can always count on. These men eat extremely healthy and are always at the gym and stay in shape. It is perfect for individuals who are working and want to maintain their cool, classic style without compromising with typical work clothes. This individual likes to go out and have a good time. The clothing will range from youthful takes on classic work clothes such as button downs and chino pants, to sweatshirts and jackets that are sporty, comfortable, and military inspired. Men in the fashion industry, especially models, will love these items because of the affordable price point as compared to the high end french designers, and the youthful take on classic pieces ...whereas most brands dont deviate from the basics...we will give our take on the classics with more than a mere button or even material change. The items will range from extremely clean classic pieces to designs that will utilize graphics and distressing to promote our aesthetic.

Client's Expectations:

Test piece: Marc by Marc Jacobs Paisley Button Down

Our client expects quality made, comfortable pieces with a slim but comfortable fit that can be worn and will not rip, tear or have any issues for a long time.

Our clients would purchase products in our market range at Barneys Co-Op store.

Marc by Marc Jacobs typically has are over the top designs in the mid-end designer range (above streetwear, below high end). Many of their shirts have all over prints (such as the one above) which are distasteful. Our design will utilize much simpler and more tasteful graphics and furnishings, which differentiate our products from the rest of the market. We will sell items instead of Marc by Marc Jacobs because of the lower cost, superior design and materials, and better sizing…our sizing will fit larger than Marc by Marc Jacobs. I find many brands may label an item as a Medium or a 50, but they really fit like a Small, or a 52. Our company will make sure to create products that fit true to size and are not tailored to very specific types of people, like Dsquared2 or Saint Laurent typically are.

Our client is willing to spend on quality pieces and designs and will be loyal to the brand as long as the quality holds up. These pieces should only get better with time.

Scour the Sale Racks:

Mission Statement:

'Blair' provides tasteful everyday clothes for the young man, updating classic silhouettes with a youthful burst of life.