Berry cupcake

Berry cupcake - student project

Berry cupcake - image 1 - student projectThis class was so rewarding as a beginner watercolour painter!! I loved how it was broken into small steps, and I was able to overcome my anxiety and perfectionism by doing one or two videos a week, until I finally just finished it today! It was challenging but I was able to create something I'm proud of. I struggled most with the strawberry blossums, making them much too dark without leaving any white, and ended up being able to mostly fix them by using white gauche to cover up the overly dark pigments (Phew!) I also struggled making the inside of the strawberry look realistic, and the red didn't turn out quite how I wanted it as I was limited to vermilion, crimson lake and rose madder in my palette. I learned a lot and I will be doing more of these classes now that I know I can slowly make my way through them along with your YouTube tutorials! Thank you Eugenia!