BE YOUR OWN  LIFE COACH-(CLASS 1 OF THREE} - student project

My mission is to take away my black pass.

Just to say bait is that I have carried so mush baggage for so long it has caused three major heart attacks. Have had a three valve open heart surgery, 12 stints, now on hospice.

I was raped at the age 6 my rapist is dead but it ways heavy on me.

I have tried many things as I have always been a strong person, and a witch.

I have used most often a cleansing by meditation. Another way is to sit and visualize my mind as a video of range of gold to black, it works  some.

All my classes on meditation have helped me to meld a path I find healthy.


A list of negatives are; my weak passing raped and miss used so early has left me fearful, miss use by my mother whom I loved dearly, my attach by a patient that left me unable to work, finally my heath.


The rights in my life has been; my children. my education, my witchcraft, lastly my husband.


work book two


Working thru book two video I find myself working more calmly in my focus with my meditation. 


I use the half lotus and the lotus depending on my working, I also love the mountain.


After practicing the tea meditation, I chose a morning blend of tea. I will do this for a week more . I chose the half lotus position so as to be more calm.this meditation helped me  to calm and to focus. I listed

My focus took me to a quite river cove. The river flowing with a tinkling noise and a cool feel.I sit for about 4 minutesthen my breathing help me calm even more. Sitting on my deck. my breath slowed, then I awoke sipped my tea. just feeling the warmth. as it made its path down. I was awake I found I was still in a very calm state.

Fully awake now my mind is clear and ready to go.


Week three


I have started my week of breathing meditation With the longer breaths, it high-tens my meditations. Look forwards to my week leases


week four



Helen Brown