Assignment #1

Assignment #1 - student project

1. math
2. space
3. computer/physical security
4. music (instruments, singing)
5. learning
6. video games
7. cryptography
8. computers
9. D&D
10. dogs and cats
11. traveling, languages, cultures
12. memes

1. I'll die before being able to do all the things i want to do
2. I don't know what i want to do
3. car going into body of water/drowning
4. spiders
5. I'll leave a door/window unlocked and someone will break in
6. impostor syndrome: am I really doing good at my job?
7. one of my dogs is very timid, i'm afraid if she gets away from me that she will have a very difficult time coming back to me and will get hurt
8. public speaking
9. I'll get cancer or some other life threatening disease