Art Prints : Sculpture Photography & Watercolor

Art Prints : Sculpture Photography & Watercolor - student project

Hey there!

Thank you for this extra video about POD sites.

I have been setting up these a few years ago.
(redbubble back in 2014 been using it and selling here and there - society6 back in 2015, only started uploading 3 days ago, as I stupidly made a new one 1 month ago under another name 'skilgast', so moved all the products from there back to petitplat)

BUT I've been working on these more aggressively for a good month now, as I like the idea of passive income. 

Petitplat on Society6 

Petitplat on Redbubble



I am interested in the dialogue between human made objects and erratic, surrealistic natural growth. Which is shown in my sculptures and more recent aquarelles. You can check it out here, if you're curious :

HOWEVER, on the POD websites, I also play around with patterns and put up photographs of what I consider less thoughtful work. (like the pink moth just below, which is in fact a brooch)

So I'm afraid my S6 and redbubble are a bit messy.
If you have any input, I'd love to hear it!


///Work on POD sites

Currently I put up photographs of my sculptural artwork.

And I have started exploring watercolor

And patterns of cut-outs of my sculptures