Andy's Grocery Store

Andy's Grocery Store - student project

As you saw in the bonus video, I took a swing at completing the project I have assigned for you. Though I designed this logo off of the top of my head, you can choose to do the same or take some time to sketch it out and really make your design something special. When I think of grocery stores I think of fresh food. Fresh food makes me think of nature, and I felt that an easy way to symbolize that is through a leaf. I chose to replace the negative space of the A with a leaf, which I designed separately and then placed within the letter. If I were to do this again I might use a different symbol, and try to affect the letter D, since it is in the center of the logo and has a great amount of negative space.Andy's Grocery Store - image 1 - student project

Tanner Puzio

Graphic Design / Hand Lettering